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  1. Autor Název titulu Vydavatelství Rok Cena
Mark A. Blaskovich Handbook on Syntheses of Amino Acids, General Routes to Amino Acids Oxford UP 2010 Na vyžádání
Theodore Provder Smart Coatings II Oxford UP 2009 Na vyžádání
Qingrong Huang Micro/Nano Encapsulation of Active Food Ingredients Oxford UP 2009 Na vyžádání
Chris Peterson Pesticides in Household, Structural and Residential Pest Management Oxford UP 2010 Na vyžádání
Wales Energy Landscapes, Applications to Clusters, Biomolecules and Glasses Cambridge UP 2004 Na vyžádání
Mason Molecular Optical Activity and the Chiral Discriminations Cambridge UP 2009 Na vyžádání
Arthur P. Boresi,Ken Chong,James D. Lee Elasticity in Engineering Mechanics Wiley 2010 3 469 Kč
Corrado Tringali Bioactive Compounds from Natural Sources, Second Edition: Natural Products as Lead Compounds in Drug Discovery Taylor & Francis 2011 4 516 Kč
Robert E. Goodin,Philip Pettit,Thomas W. Pogge A Companion to Contemporary Political Philosophy Wiley 2012 1 130 Kč
Maxine Melling,Margaret Weaver Collaboration in Libraries and Learning Environments Facet Publishing 2012 1 867 Kč
Janine Cossy,Stellios Arseniyadis Modern Tools for the Synthesis of Complex Bioactive Molecules Wiley 2012 3 374 Kč
Adrian Brown Practical Digital Preservation: A How-to Guide for Organizations of Any Size Facet Publishing 2013 1 867 Kč
Michael Freemantle An Introduction to Ionic Liquids Royal Society for Chemistry 2009 1 361 Kč
Jason Davis Engineering the Bioelectronic Interface: Applications to Analyte Biosensing and Protein Detection Royal Society for Chemistry 2009 2 927 Kč
Yeong Foong May How To Read And Critique A Scientific Research Article: Notes To Guide Students Reading Primary Literature (With Teaching Tips For Faculty Members) World Scientific 2014 783 Kč
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