Garland Science

Garland Science has been publishing scientific textbooks of the highest quality for the best part of two decades. In that time, Garland has established itself as one of the leading publishers in the fields of cell and molecular biology, immunology, genetics, and protein sciences. Our publications include such classics as Molecular Biology of the Cell, Essential Cell Biology, Janeway’s Immunobiology , The Immune System, Human Molecular Genetics, The Biology of Cancer, and Introduction to Protein Structure.  The strength of the Garland Science list begins with our exceptional group of authors, development editors and illustrators, and in-house team whose unique relationship combines to produce high quality texts and ancillaries. Expert reviewers and users of our textbooks continually provide advice and insight into the latest research which in turn strengthen the accuracy and authority of the texts. Our library of animations and videos is continually expanding and is provided free to users of our books. These animations are cited for their pedagogical and scientific content.

We are increasing our presence in the areas of microbiology, plant biology, biophysics, and quantitative biology. Delivering exceptional student and instructor resources on the Garland Science website is an initiative which will foster a collaborative relationship between students and instructors and promote communication between Garland and readers of our texts. Our textbooks are available in electronic format in the United States and Canada, and are in the process of being made available in electronic format in other regions.