Wallave W.A. - Joint Replacement in the Shoulder & Elbow

Joint Replacement in the Shoulder & Elbow

Wallave W.A.

ISBN: 075061367X
Vydavatelství: Butterworth Heinemann
Rok vydání: 1998
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This book reflects the best in UK practice and is edited by one of our leading experts in shoulder replacement surgery. In addition to contributions from elbow and shoulder experts, the subject area is fully covered with chapters from those with expertise in biomechanics and physiotherapy.

This volume will help the surgeon with the selection of patients and the technical aspects of their surgical treatment, as well as giving guidance on postoperative physiotherapy treatment. Trainee surgeons will find this book offers them a useful reference to the best techniques which lead to successful joint replacement of the shoulder and elbow with minimal complications.

CONTENTS: Hiytory of shoulder replacement surgery - Shoulder movements and the biomechanics of the shoulder - Indications for shoulder replacement and shoulder assessment - Neer total shoulder replacement - Total shoulder replacement in rheumatoid arthritis - Physiotherapy after unconstrained shoulder replacement - Revision shoulder replacement and rotator cuff problems - History of elbow arthroplasty - Biomechanics of the elbow - Total elbow replacement - Revision elbow arthroplasty - Rehabilitation after total elbow replacement.