Kuper - Democracy Beyond Borders

Democracy Beyond Borders


ISBN: 0199291659
Vydavatelství: Oxford UP
Rok vydání: 2006
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Global institutions exercise unprecedented power, yet they are often unaccountable to the people they claim to serve. From the hallowed halls of the United Nations to the closed boardrooms of multinational corporations, decisions are made that impact on all our lives, but are not necessarily governed by democratic principles. How can we ensure that global leaders act responsively and effectively in the interests of global citizens? How can global institutions be transformed to
create security and development for all? In this lucid and provocative book, Andrew Kuper provides compelling and practical answers.

Democracy Beyond Borders begins with a reassessment of the basic philosophical foundations of global order. In a critical dialogue with John Rawls and Jurgen Habermas, the world's most influential political philosophers, Kuper exposes the flawed assumption that nation-states should be the only fundamental political units. He develops instead a theory of global justice that also harnesses the capabilities of non-state actors - such as corporations, non-governmental organizations, and
civil society networks. The book shows how these powerful actors can be brought into "multi-level governance" with states as key partners for change.

Yet in the absence of global elections, how can these actors be made accountable for their policies and actions? Kuper presents a startling and original theory of representation to answer this challenge. He articulates a new separation of powers, where different global actors check and balance one another in a complex harmony. This radical yet feasible vision makes it possible to recommend far-reaching reforms to the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, the United
Nations, and advocacy agencies such as Transparency International, among others.

Impressive in its scope and inventiveness, Democracy Beyond Borders stands at the forefront of a new generation of political thought, for which globalization is the challenge and deepening democracy the solution.

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