Fulcher, James; Scott, John - Sociology


Fulcher, James; Scott, John

ISBN: 9780199563753
Vydavatelství: Oxford University Press
Rok vydání: 2011
Vydání: 4th Edition
Vazba: Paperback
Kategorie: Textbook
Počet stran: 912
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The fourth edition of Fulcher and Scott provides an authoritative and theoretically grounded approach to sociology, covering both classic and contemporary research. It provides the context for debate and discussion that enables students to develop their critical awareness skills. Contemporary issues such as child abuse are backed with recent research, whilst the student-centred approach adopted in this edition looks at popular culture and recent developments such as social networking and online identities.nnA system of consistent cross-referencing and signposting signals where topics are explored to allow easy navigation of the text. Clear links between the main text and learning features emphasize the relevance of these features. A wealth of features support students and teachers.nnOnline ResourcesnnFor studentsnCase studies: each chapter has a case study that draws on recent sociological research and news from the popular media with questionsnMCQs: bank of self-marking multiple-choice questions for each chapternWeb links: series of annotated web links organised by chapternInteractive revision activitiesnInformation and advice on careers: to provide guidance on careers available to students of sociology and links to sources of further information. This expands on the information on careers provided in chapter 1.nnFor lecturersnFurther collection of case studies for group tutorial work and assignments, accompanied by critical thinking questionsnBank of essay and short answer questions for each chapter.nPowerPoint slides for lecturer presentations arranged by chapter.nComprehensive Instructor's Manual, includes lecturer outline and teaching activities.nGuide to discussion points at the end of each chapter.

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