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  1. Autor Název titulu Vydavatelství Rok Cena
Perry Luntz Whiskey and Spirits For Dummies Wiley 2007 462 Kč
Timberlake K.C. Basic Chemistry Pearson 2007 1 572 Kč
Kim W. Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant HBS Press 2005 Na vyžádání
Sarychev Andrey K,Shalaev Vladimir M Electrodynamics Of Metamaterials World Scientific 2007 2 486 Kč
Moorad Choudhry Fixed Income Markets: Instruments, Applications, Mathematics Wiley 2004 2 706 Kč
P. E. J. Flewitt,R. K. Wild Grain Boundaries: Their Microstructure and Chemistry Wiley 2001 9 333 Kč
Bose, Sudhangshu High Temperature Coatings Butterworth-Heinemann 2007 1 794 Kč
McMurry J.E. Chemistry Pearson 2008 1 698 Kč
Tim Coles Isolation Technology: A Practical Guide Taylor & Francis 2004 5 666 Kč
Easterby - Smith M. Management Research Sage 2008 Na vyžádání
Clegg S. Managing and Organizations: An Introduction to Theory and Practice Sage Publications 2008 1 147 Kč
Richard W. Hartel,D.B. Hyslop,Robin K. Connelly,T.A. Howell Jr. Math Concepts for Food Engineering Taylor & Francis 2008 887 Kč
Moore MATLAB for Engineers Prentice Hall 2007 Na vyžádání
Dowling John Malcolm,Yap Chin-fang Modern Developments In Behavioral Economics: Social Science Perspectives On Choice And Decision Making World Scientific 2007 3 227 Kč
Bonet J. Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics for Finite Element Analysis Cambridge University Press 2008 2 980 Kč
Wyatt P. Organic Synthesis: Strategy and Control Wiley 2007 Na vyžádání
Gorman L. Practical Algorithms for Image Analysis Cambridge UP 2008 Na vyžádání
Canter D. Criminal Psychology Hodder 2008 Na vyžádání
Will Bonner,Addison Wiggin Financial Reckoning Day: Surviving the Soft Depression of the 21st Century Wiley 2003 629 Kč
Jones A. Chemical Vapour Deposition: Precursors, Processes and Applications Royal Society for Chemistry 2008 6 651 Kč