Saint S. - Saint-Frances Guide to Inpatient Medicine

Saint-Frances Guide to Inpatient Medicine

Saint S.

ISBN: 0781737281
Vydavatelství: Lippincott WW
Rok vydání: 2004
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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This book's practical approach to inpatient problems provides the answers with easy-to-remember approaches, algorithms, and mnemonics.Tables are included to organise important information in a convenient format, and the material is presented in a problem orientated style that lets the reader interprete and respond to symptoms, signs, abnormal lab tests, and EKGs.Thus the emphasis is on working toward a diagnosis instead of starting with the disease and working backwards, making this an excellent preparation tool for the Boards.New to this edition are sections on hospital acquired complications, pleural effusions, skin and soft tissue infections, and also seizure disorders. Features: Stream-lined organizational and content changes Addition of material on hospital-acquired complications, pleural effusions, skin and soft tissue, and seizure disorders Inclusion of a small procedure section in the appendix Breaks down broad topics such as anemia, renal failure, and vasculitis into manageable pieces Introduces mnemonics that have been successfully used by many practicing clinicians to help organize and remember large amounts of information Algorithms, figures, and tables are provided to help visually categorize the information Provides ways to work forward from clinical presentation to diagnosi

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