William Y. Song, Kari Tanderup, Bradley Pieters - Emerging Technologies in Brachytherapy

Emerging Technologies in Brachytherapy

William Y. Song, Kari Tanderup, Bradley Pieters

ISBN: 9781498736527
Vydavatelství: Taylor & Francis
Rok vydání: 2017
Vydání: 1
Vazba: Hardback
Počet stran: 444
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Brachytherapy is continuously advancing. Years of accumulated experience have led to clinical evidence of its benefit in numerous clinical sites such as gynecological, prostate, breast, rectum, ocular, and many other cancers. Brachytherapy continues to expand in its scope of practice and complexity, driven by strong academic and commercial research, by advances in competing modalities, and due to the diversity in the political and economic landscape. It is a true challenge for practicing professionals and students to readily grasp the overarching trends of the field, especially of those technologies and innovative practices that are not yet established but are certainly on the rise. Addressing this challenge, Emerging Technologies in Brachytherapy presents a comprehensive collection of chapters on the latest trending/emerging technologies and expert opinions. It is divided into five broad sections: Section I: Physics of Brachytherapy Section II: Imaging for Brachytherapy Guidance Section III: Brachytherapy Suites Section IV: Is Brachytherapy a Competitive Modality? Section V: Vision 20/20: Industry Perspective Each section has a carefully selected collection of chapters, which covers the spectrum of topics in comprehensive detail. By drawing on recognized experts and key opinion leaders from academia and commercial sectors worldwide (100+ contributors), Emerging Technologies in Brachytherapy provides readers with a wealth of relevant information needed to comprehend the rapidly advancing technologies and trends of today and the prospects for the future.

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