Kerr D.J. - Regional Chemotherapy Theory and Practice

Regional Chemotherapy Theory and Practice

Kerr D.J.

ISBN: 9057024365
Vydavatelství: Harwood AP
Rok vydání: 2000
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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'This book is a mine of information and contains a great deal of practical experience and data. It is well referenced, written by undoubted experts, and incorporates the most important areas of regional chemotherapy at the moment' D.L. Morris, The St. George Hospital, Australia

Regional Chemotherapy: Theory and Practice describes the rationale for the use of regional chemotherapy in a range of common solid tumor types. The editors highlight the pharmacokinetic principles which apply to each of the specific locoregional therapies, as well as describing intraperitoneal, intrahepatic, arterial, intrapleural, intrathecal, and isolated limb perfusions. The application, efficacy, and toxicity of these treatments, and their relevance to current conventional cancer therapy is made clear throughout, providing a unique focus for all those involved in oncological care.

For medical, clinical, and surgical oncologists and pharmacists, this essential book provides the opportunity to gain a theoretical and practical grounding in this technique, and offers valuable insight into the skills required to initiate regional chemotherapy programs.