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  1. Autor Název titulu Vydavatelství Rok Cena
Aronson, Jeffrey K. Meyler's Side Effects of Drugs in Cancer and Immunology Elsevier 2010 1 457 Kč
Crispian Scully,Stephen Flint,Stephen R. Porter,Kursheed Moos,Jose Bagan Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases Informa Health Care 2010 7 483 Kč
Singer Pocket Prescriber 2010 Hodder Education 2010 Na vyžádání
Dev Prime Ayurvedic Plant Drugs Anshan Pub 2006 Na vyžádání
Janicak Principles and Practice of Psychopharmacotherapy Bookmantraa.com 2001 Na vyžádání
Samuelsson Drugs of Natural Origin, 6th ed. Taylor & Francis 2010 Na vyžádání
Edmunds Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology Mosby 2010 Na vyžádání
Phillipe Camus,Edward C Rosenow III Drug-induced and Iatrogenic Respiratory Disease Taylor & Francis 2010 3 380 Kč
Shiqi Peng,Ming Zhao Pharmaceutical Bioassays: Methods and Applications Wiley 2009 3 248 Kč
Joy A. Cavagnaro Preclinical Safety Evaluation of Biopharmaceuticals: A Science-Based Approach to Facilitating Clinical Trials Wiley 2008 Na vyžádání
Patricia Frank The Dose Makes the Poison: A Plain-Language Guide to Toxicology, 3rd Edition Wiley 2011 Na vyžádání
Sara Castiglioni Illicit Drugs in the Environment: Occurrence, Analysis, and Fate using Mass Spectrometry Wiley 2011 2 661 Kč
Mike S. Lee,Mingshe Zhu Mass Spectrometry in Drug Metabolism and Disposition: Basic Principles and Applications Wiley 2011 3 374 Kč
Guodong Chen Characterization of Impurities and Degradants Using Mass Spectrometry Wiley 2011 Na vyžádání
Daniel Lednicer Steroid Chemistry at a Glance Wiley 2010 Na vyžádání
Ikhlas A. Khan Leung's Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients: Used in Food, Drugs and Cosmetics, 3rd Edition Wiley 2009 Na vyžádání
Jie Jack Li,Douglas S. Johnson Modern Drug Synthesis Wiley 2010 2 753 Kč
Peter J. Harrington Pharmaceutical Process Chemistry for Synthesis: Rethinking the Routes to Scale-Up Wiley 2011 Na vyžádání
Enrique Ravina The Evolution of Drug Discovery: From Traditional Medicines to Modern Drugs Wiley-VCH 2011 Na vyžádání
John L. LaMattina Drug Truths: Dispelling the Myths About Pharma R & D Wiley 2008 Na vyžádání
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