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Trsic Milan,De Lima Toledo Evelyn Jeniffer Serious Glance At Chemistry, A: Basic Notions Explained World Scientific 2010 2 043 Kč
Chantal Mouffe On the Political Taylor & Francis 2005 497 Kč
Sara Kindon,Rachel Pain,Mike Kesby Participatory Action Research Approaches and Methods: Connecting People, Participation and Place Taylor & Francis 2010 919 Kč
Wu Weishan Poetry Of Sculpture, The World Scientific 2008 2 214 Kč
Bill Ashcroft,Gareth Griffiths,Helen Tiffin The Post-Colonial Studies Reader Taylor & Francis 2005 857 Kč
Lawrence Freedman The Transformation of Strategic Affairs Taylor & Francis 2006 555 Kč
Sam Sarkesian,Robert Connor The US Military Profession into the 21st Century: War, Peace and Politics Taylor & Francis 2006 857 Kč
Kirby Small Animal Emergency & Critical Care Medicine: Self-Assessment Color Review Manson Publishing 2006 1 050 Kč
Munchin D. Is Theology a Science ? The nature of the scientific enterprise in the scientific theology of Thomas Forsyth Torrance and the anarchic epistemology of Paul Feyerabend Brill 2011 2 957 Kč
Adams Dennis,Hamm Mary Bringing Science And Mathematics To Life For All Learners World Scientific 2008 3 160 Kč
Krueger Anne O Struggling With Success: Challenges Facing The International Economy World Scientific 2012 1 090 Kč
Joy Court Read to Succeed: Strategies to Engage Children and Young People in Reading for Pleasure Facet Publishing 2011 1 751 Kč
Wai Meng Chan,Kwee Nyet Chin,Sunil Bhatt,Izumi Walker Perspectives on Individual Characteristics and Foreign Language Education De Gruyter 2012 2 194 Kč
Brian D. Loader Young Citizens in the Digital Age: Political Engagement, Young People and New Median Taylor & Francis 2007 1 119 Kč
Cas Mudde On Extremism and Democracy in Europe Taylor & Francis 2016 1 531 Kč
Timothy D McHugh Tuberculosis: Laboratory Diagnosis and Treatment Strategies CABI International 2013 3 325 Kč
Dieter Dörr,Russell L. Weaver The Right to Privacy in the Light of Media Convergence –: Perspectives from Three Continents De Gruyter 2012 2 468 Kč
Alison Mackenzie,Lindsey Martin Developing Digital Scholarship: Emerging practices in academic libraries Facet Publishing 2016 1 565 Kč