Dickson M. - Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy

Dickson M.

ISBN: 1844071847
Vydavatelství: Earthscan
Rok vydání: 2003
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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Geothermal energy refers to the heat contained within the Earth that generates geological phenomena on a planetary scale. Today, this term is often associated with mans efforts to tap in to this vast energy source. This detailed reference text describes the various methods and technologies used to exploit the earths heat. Beginning with an overview of geothermal energy and the state of the art, leading experts in the field cover electricity generation, non-electric uses, environmental impact and economic, financial and legal considerations. Case studies are included throughout. Each chapter is written by a different author, but to a set style, beginning with aims and objectives, ending with references, self-assessment questions and answers. Whilst written primarily for professionals and students interested in learning more about geothermal energy, the book also offers those new to the field and the general geothermal community an opportunity to understand and review the potential of this exciting alternative energy source.