Long D. M. - An Atlas of Skull Base Surgery

An Atlas of Skull Base Surgery

Long D. M.

ISBN: 1842141678
Vydavatelství: Parthenon Publishing
Rok vydání: 2003
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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About this book:
*Presents a full description of each of the main surgical approaches to the skull base
*Reviews the techniques pioneered and refined at some of world's foremost centers of expertise
*Focuses solely on surgical techniques and access to the skull base
*Provides the foundation upon which to plan individual operative procedures
*Includes a discussion of problems and avoidance of complications

Operative procedures performed directly on the base of the brain, inner ear, and cranial nerves are inherently delicate undertakings further complicated by the difficulty of achieving easy access to this confined space. Written by pioneers working at one of the world's leading centers for advanced neurosurgery, An Atlas of Skull Base Surgery clearly describes the steps by which each of the key anatomical structures at the skull base and inner ear may be accessed in order to perform advanced surgical interventions.

Featuring over 170 specially commissioned diagrams, and over 100 photographs of MRI, CT, and other imaging modalities, the atlas comprehensively covers a range of surgical approaches. The authors use the detailed supporting artwork to demonstrate the main steps in each procedure and help readers conceptualize the anatomy and surgical trajectory. With extensive accompanying notes on patient assessment and postoperative care, An Atlas of Skull Base Surgery facilitates the complete evaluation and management of patients with skull base lesions in which the clinical presentation or cell type mandates an operative procedure.

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