Neville J. - Strengthening Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Through Civil - Military Cooperation

Strengthening Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Through Civil - Military Cooperation

Neville J.

ISBN: 1586034405
Vydavatelství: IOS Press
Rok vydání: 2005
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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This publication covers a wide range of influenza topics, stressing the importance of influenza as a global health threat and the importance of cooperation between civilian and military public health resources in the control, prevention, and response to a pandemic. This publication has the following objectives; Review influenza disease and virological laboratory surveillance standards and capacities; Identify possibilities for enhanced collaboration among existing national and international networks; Initiate preparation of a response plan to an influenza pandemic that included civil-military participation and considered vaccine and antiviral compound availability and access for both sectors; Enhance awareness of influenza-related research capabilities of various countries. This volume provides a unique forum for civilian and military medical leaders to meet and to exchange professional and contact information. An influenza pandemic would likely draw on all medical resources and civil-military co-operation would be vital to restore global health security. Influenza remains a global health threat that will be most effectively countered through improved civil-military cooperation in the development or improvement of surveillance and response plans and in achieving greater availability and use of effective vaccines and anti-viral drugs.

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