Mohler - Advanced Therapy in Hypertension

Advanced Therapy in Hypertension


ISBN: 1550093185
Vydavatelství: BC Decker
Rok vydání: 2006
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"Advanced Therapy in Hypertension and Vascular Disease" is intended as a clinical resource for health care professionals who evaluate and manage patients with hypertension with its many forms and challenges. The authors have endeavored to provide brief, focused chapters so that busy practitioners can find the information they need quickly when confronted with specific hypertension symptoms and presentations. The text covers specific management issues for all aspects of cardiac disease and hypertension, including: lifestyle factors, HRT, sleep apnea, psychic and cerebrovascular problems, genetic screening, current teaching guidelines, medical genetics, and blood pressure management. The final section reviews practical aspects for those who teach in hypertension scenarios. The appendices round off the book, providing standard reference tables from current guidelines. As with all titles in the "Advanced Therapy" series, this book compliments traditional textbooks by offering expert treatment therapies from seasoned clinicians.