Hamid Q. - Physiologic Basis of Respiratory Disease

Physiologic Basis of Respiratory Disease

Hamid Q.

ISBN: 1550092367
Vydavatelství: BC Decker
Rok vydání: 2005
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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Physiological Basis of Respiratory Disease covers the important areas of respiratory physiology of particular relevance for pulmonary fellows and academic physicians. The text provides a solid basis for the understanding of the physiological basis for the major respiratory diseases. The contents are based on past and present research strengths of the Meakins Christie Laboratories with the majority of contributors comprised of former alumni. Physiological Basis of Respiratory Disease features a unique collection of topics, spanning classical physiological concepts to present day research. The clinical relevance of various research findings is examined and interpreted for the reader. Presented in an accessible format, need-to-know information is supported by a thorough selection of illustrations and references. The text is also applicable to other fields such as physiotherapy and inhalation therapy.

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