Brooks G. - Gene Therapy the Use of DNA as a Drug

Gene Therapy the Use of DNA as a Drug

Brooks G.

ISBN: 0853694559
Vydavatelství: Pharmaceutical Press
Rok vydání: 2002
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Recent breakthroughs in medical science have shown that many diseases have a genetic component, or complex genetic factors which may predispose a person to higher risk of illness. Attention now focuses on understanding the genetic basis of disease with the ultimate goal of developing therapies which can alter or replace disease causing genes. Gene Therapy provides an introduction to this growing area of therapeutics.

Written by a team of experts from a variety of disciplines, Gene Therapy considers in general terms the genetic basis of disease and gene therapies. It also concentrates in detail on specific genetic illnesses and their treatment. This text will be of considerable interest to pharmacists and other healthcare professionals, as well as all those involved in the biological and medical sciences.