Szczeklik A. - Eicosanoids, Aspirin, and Asthma

Eicosanoids, Aspirin, and Asthma

Szczeklik A.

ISBN: 0824701461
Vydavatelství: Marcel Dekker
Rok vydání: 1998
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Blending basic science with the latest clinical insights, this important book presents new ideas on the molecular biology, biochemistry, crystallography, and pharmacology of eicosanoids, including their interaction with antiinflammatory drugs and their influence on the mechanisms of asthma. Surveys a rich panorama of clinical symptoms from the European Network on Aspirin-Induced Asthma, the largest database of its kind in the world! Edited by clinicians with long experience in the field, Eicosanoids, Aspirin, and Asthma

elucidates basic asthma mechanisms such as genetic influences, viruses, ion airway transport, and autoimmunity
*profiles the effectiveness of corticosteroids and aspirin desensitization in asthma treatment
*devotes special attention to aspirin-induced asthma
*reveals new details on the mechanisms of action of anti-inflammatory drugs
*provides evidence for the pneumoprotective action of endogenous nitric oxide
*highlights recent applications of crystallography in the understanding of the three-dimensional structure of cyclooxygenase
*describes new pathways of arachidonic acid metabolism
*explores the clinical manifestations in aspirin-induced asthma
*and more!

Complete with over 2000 references, Eicosanoids, Aspirin, and Asthma will be welcomed by pulmonologists and pulmonary physicians, pulmonary rehabilitation therapists, respiratory physiologists, immunologists, allergists, pharmacologists, internists, chest physicians, otolaryngologists, pediatricians, molecular and cell biologists, epidemiologists, neuroanatomists, biochemists, and graduate and medical school students in these disciplines.