Fein M. - Banking and Financial Services : Banking, Securities and Insurance, 2 Vol. Set

Banking and Financial Services : Banking, Securities and Insurance, 2 Vol. Set

Fein M.

ISBN: 0735561486
Vydavatelství: Aspen Publ.
Rok vydání: 2006
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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For banks, insurance companies and securities firms preparing to capitalize on the rapidly accelerating trend towards financial services convergence, the possibilities are virtually endless. Unfortunately, so is the list of Federal laws and regulations with which they will have to contend on their way to entering and succeeding in a new sector. How can you help your company or client effectively navigate the regulatory maze and clear the hurdles inherent to cross-sector mergers, acquisitions and new product or service introductions? Aspen Publishers' new "Banking and Financial Services: Banking, Securities and Insurance Regulatory Guide" will help you comply with all the requirements. This book provides sweeping coverage of essential financial services regulation. Up-to-date with the latest wave of agency rulings and releases, the Guide cuts through much of the confusion associated with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and spotlights the points where key banking, insurance and securities regulations intersect. You'll be fully briefed not only on regulatory content but, more importantly, on how the regulations interact with each other and how this interaction may bolster or hinder specific business strategies. It offers expert insight and analysis to help you proceed with confidence. The Guide helps you develop and implement a convergence strategy that fully reflects the current regulatory and supervisory landscape. Author, Melanie Fein provides clear, practical commentary to help you evaluate the options and ultimately decide which financial service markets, products and partners are most viable for your company or your clients. It presents vital "red flags" pinpointing regulatory obstacles and pitfalls. As key agencies - including the SEC, the FDIC, the Federal Reserve Board and the Comptroller of the Currency - increase their focus on supervision and enforcement, it is essential that your company or clients steer clear of common but potentially serious regulatory pitfalls. Turn to the Guide to quickly discover which activities are off limits to which entities, what little-known regulations can lead to big problems, and more.

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