Rakel R. E. - Saunders Manual of Medical Practice

Saunders Manual of Medical Practice

Rakel R. E.

ISBN: 0721651925
Vydavatelství: Saunders
Rok vydání: 1996
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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This book is designed to help the busy primary care physician by providing, in a concise format, information regarding diagnosis and treatment of problems most fre­quently encountered in practice. Also inc1uded are those problems that may not be common but, if missed or not handled properly, can lead to considerable morbidity or death. Material is presented in outline format for ease of retrieval, and key points are highlighted and boxed to aid in identifying essential information rapidly. This is becoming increasingly important as managed care programs place added emphasis on seeing a volume of patients in limited time, making it even more essential that potentially serious problems be identified in their early, undifferentiated stage when the proper selection of tests is crucial.There are 451 topics: 318 chapters on disease, 75 symp­toms (combined into 17 numbered chapters), 58 proce­dures, and an appendix of normal laboratory values. Most of the 414 authors are family physicians or general inter­nists. The two-color format enhances the key material, making it more visible and easier to access rapidly.Diseases are usually presented in the following format: etiology, symptoms, c1inical findings, laboratory tests, dif­ferential diagnosis, treatment (inc1uding medications, pa­tient education, and prevention), and follow-up.Symptoms are presented with the emphasis on differen­tial diagnosis followed by key questions to ask (history), c1inical findings, tests, management, and follow-up. The symptoms focus on complaints in cases in which the diag­nosis may not yet be evident and on the management of the problem while the diagnostic process is continuing.The procedures are organized by indications, contraindi­cations, preparation, equipment needed, anesthesia, precau­tions, technique, and follow-up.