Hagel J. H. - The Handbook of Experimental Economics

The Handbook of Experimental Economics

Hagel J. H.

ISBN: 069104290X
Vydavatelství: Princeton UP
Rok vydání: 1995
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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The eight essays in this book present a comprehensive critical survey of the results and methods of laboratory experiments in economics. The first chapter provides an introduction to experimental economics as a whole, with the remaining chapters providing surveys by leading practitioners in areas of economics that have seen a concentration of experiments: public goods, coordination problems, bargaining, industrial organization, asset markets, auctions, and individual decision making. The contributors to the volume include Colin Camerer, Charles A. Holt, John H. Kagel, John O. Ledyard, Jack Ochs, Alvin E. Roth, and Shyam Sunder. "This book is impressive for the clarity, depth, and informativeness of its surveys. The focus on series of experiments is very instructive.... One can learn a lot from the issues debated, the methodological digressions, and the many suggestions for further research.... This is a great book that is wholeheartedly recommended." --F. van Winden, The Journal of Economics "The book provides not only a comprehensive and deep review of major areas of experimental research, but it is also exceptionally intellectually stimulating and insightful for theoretical economists as well as those who are interested in more immediate policy issues." --Katerina Sherstyuk, Economic Record