Scholefield J.H. - Challenges in Colorectal Cancer

Challenges in Colorectal Cancer

Scholefield J.H.

ISBN: 0632051167
Vydavatelství: Blackwell
Rok vydání: 2000
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Colorectal cancers are among the most common tumor types in the western world. In over 50% of cases the tumor spreads, and in most of these the survival time is 6-12 months. The medical management of colorectal cancer has revolved around the use of one drug. Fluorouracil, introduced 30 years ago, extends life by about 10 months. Therefore, there is a desperate need to diagnose this cancer early and to develop new strategies for management.

This book focuses on the areas of controversy in the management of colorectal cancer. It reviews the latest information on:

-epidemiology and prevention of colorectal cancer, including the application of molecular genetics, and the latest strategies for screening
-surgical management, including new laparoscopic and endoscopic techniques, and the role of the pathologist
-oncological management, including the role of radiotherapy, options for chemotherapy and new developments in vaccine and immunotherapy

This book provides essential information for the gastrointenstinal surgeon, gastroenterologist and oncologist.