Vallance R. - An Atlas of Diagnostic Radiology in Gastroenterology

An Atlas of Diagnostic Radiology in Gastroenterology

Vallance R.

ISBN: 0632050225
Vydavatelství: Blackwell Science
Rok vydání: 1999
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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Traditionally the radiological investigation in gastroenterology has involved plain film radiography and barium studies. The recent demand to reduce the dose of radiation given to patients means that a wide range of alternative imaging techniques are being increasingly used. There is also a great deal of interest in subspecialisation in radiology and one of the key areas involved is the gastrointestinal tract. Together these developments call for a focused and systematic approach to training in the subspeciality. This book takes a unique view of the subject and presents in an atlas of radiological findings pointing out both normal anatomy and signs of disease in the GI tract. There is a particular emphasis on image quality and the book has been organised by system rather than by imaging modality which mirrors the natural course of the clinical investigation. For example, in the section on the stomach, all available forms of radiological imaging will be discussed as they fit into a normal investigation of stomach disease and various advantages and disadvantages of each technology are pointed out. The text has been kept deliberately brief with an introductory section on the normal anatomy of each organ at the beginning of the chapter followed by the pictures which are accompanied by a brief caption pointing out the key features.