Griffin - Management, 8th ed.

Management, 8th ed.


ISBN: 061835459X
Vydavatelství: Houghton Mifflin
Rok vydání: 2005
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Since its first publication in 1984, more than one million studentshave used Griffin's Management to prepare for their business careers. The widespread popularity of this mid-to-high-level textbook (for both undergraduate and graduate students) lies in the author's straightforward writing, well-researched examples, and thorough coverage of issues. Griffin presents students with a functional approach to management (planning, leading, organizing, and controlling), and integrates real-world examples throughout the text to help them fully appreciate the role and scope of management in contemporary business.

The Eighth Edition reflects real managers' current interests and concerns. As a result, the text features new or enhanced coverage of the service sector, ethics, global management, and information technology. In addition, Griffin highlights several new themes, including the importance of balancing theory with practice: he explains the conceptual framework underlying key managerial activities and offers examples of how and when these theories have been employed (successfully and unsuccessfully) to emphasize that managers need to make sound decisions grounded in reality. He also stresses that management is not simply confined to large businesses and draws on examples from small companies or nonprofit organizations throughout the text to underscore its broad applications in a variety of settings.