Stahl S. M. - Essential Psychopharmacology: The Prescriber´s Guide

Essential Psychopharmacology: The Prescriber´s Guide

Stahl S. M.

ISBN: 0521011698
Vydavatelství: Cambridge UP
Rok vydání: 2005
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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In full color throughout, this pragmatic guide for prescribing clinicians complements the conceptual approach of the best-selling Essential Psychopharmacology. Covering over 100 psychotropic drugs, each with four or more pages, Stephen Stahl gives all the information a prescribing clinician needs to treat patients effectively. For each drug the information comes in five brief, clear categories: general therapeutics, dosing and use, side effects, special populations, and pearls. Target icons appear next to key categories for each drug so that the prescriber can go easily and instantly to the information needed. There are several indices, one consisting of a comprehensive list of both generic and proprietary names for all the drugs featured, one categorizing the generic drugs by use, and one listing the drugs by class.

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