Winfield A. - Pharmaceutical Practice, 3rd ed.

Pharmaceutical Practice, 3rd ed.

Winfield A.

ISBN: 044307206X
Vydavatelství: Churchill Livingstone
Rok vydání: 2004
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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About thgis book:

This is an essential textbook for students throughout their course, providing a comprehensive account of 'pharmacy practice'. Subjects covered include interaction and communication, teamwork, and cost-effective management, as well as core scientific information on pharmaceutical products and appliances - everything from prescriptions and routes of administration to intravenous additives, parenteral nutrition, and dialysis.  

"I use this textbook when teaching students how to dispense, and label medicines correctly. It thus forms a very important function and role in my teaching programme. The textbook s content is well illustrated and presents with detailed, useful information that is reader friendly and easy to understand. The summary at the beginning of each chapter also gives a good oversight of each chapter s content. The examples are very useful. I would like to see every pharmacy student invest in a book like this."  
-- Senior Pharmacy Lecturer, Medical University of South Africa  
"A great amount of thought and time has gone into the layout of the textbook with each major area having its own part in the textbook; this function allows the finding of information quick and quite painless. Nicely illustrated diagrams are also well featured throughout the textbook as are worked examples for the variously extensive array of calculations featured...extremely valuable in many areas of the course and I can recommend without bias that any person studying pharmacy should own this textbook as you will also find it indispensable throughout your careers."  
-- First Year Pharmacy Student , University of East Anglia, March 2004

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