Chris Gunn - A Practical Guide to Complaints Handling

A Practical Guide to Complaints Handling

Chris Gunn

ISBN: 0443070237
Vydavatelství: Churchill Livingstone
Rok vydání: 2001
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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About this book:
In 1996 new statutory guidelines were published, but there is no definitive guidance available about implementation. Staff are expected to follow certain procedures. In theory this is an area that could involve all staff anywhere in the NHS and complaints are on the increase. In 1997-98 over 38 000 written complaints were received in England alone, about general medical and dental services and family health services administration. Complaints systems have been classified as one element of clinical governance and so are likely to have an even higher profile in future.

A Practical Guide to Complaints Handling is set out in two parts, Primary Care and Secondary Care. The material is user friendly and assessable equally to professional and lay people. Practical examples are used to demonstrate the best way to deal with each scenario. The underpinning legislation is provided in an appendix.