Krech S. - Encyclopedia of World Environmental History, 3 Vol. Set

Encyclopedia of World Environmental History, 3 Vol. Set

Krech S.

ISBN: 0415937329
Vydavatelství: Routledge
Rok vydání: 2003
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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Aimed at a broad audience of students, scholars, professionals, and general readers, this reference work contains 520 signed articles providing current, comprehensive coverage of environmental history from ancient times to the present. The well-written, alphabetically arranged articles range in length from one column to multiple pages.

Interdisciplinary and cross-cultural in approach, the encyclopedia covers a broad range of general topics, including arts, literature, biomes, climate, natural events, economic systems, energy, ancient civilizations, exploitation, philosophies, law, people, plants, animals, nonliving resources, places, religion, technology, and science. Examples of specific articles are Animal rights, Aristotle, Buddhism, Coffee, Danube River, Ecofeminism, Eden, Environmental ethics, Free trade, Germany, Global warming, Pleistocene overkill, Snail darter, Trans-Alaska pipeline, and Wilderness.

The text is augmented by 20 maps and more than 100 photographs. Some 115 sidebars provide engaging supplemental material, including extracts from historical documents, firsthand accounts, ethnographic accounts, environmental literature, poetry, and religious traditions. Suggestions for further reading accompany each article. Although the index to this otherwise excellent encyclopedia is adequate, it could use some improvement. For example, the index heading doves, house should be dove, rock. Two pages are listed in the index for Arne Naess, but references to him in the article on deep ecology, of which he is a prominent philosopher, are missed. Further, the index does not indicate main entries.

Environmental history should be of great interest to anyone concerned with our present global environmental dilemmas. The Encyclopedia of World Environmental History is a worthwhile investment for those in need of a scholarly reference source on this timely topic as there are no other single works that provide comparable breadth and authoritative coverage. It is recommended for academic, public, and special libraries.

This reference features 520 articles on subjects that address regional, national, and global environmental events, issues, people, natural resources, and culture. Topics were selected in categories that include art and architecture, literature, biomes, economic systems, energy sources, ancient civilizations, religion, and technology. The articles provide concise definitions and histories of the topics written so as to be accessible to high school and undergraduate students. The text is illustrated with b&w photos and several maps as well as sidebars containing excerpts from original documents. A random selection of topics includes acid rain, Aral Sea, Rudolf Bahro, fascism, free trade, goats, grasslands, ice ages, phylloxera, pristine myth, sprawl, and the World Bank. Entries are included for several countries and all the world's major geographic regions. The articles are signed and include short lists of further reading. The contributors are both freelance writers and academics worldwide. All three editors and the majority of the editorial advisory board teach at American universities.