MCPake B. - Health Economics: An International Perspective

Health Economics: An International Perspective

MCPake B.

ISBN: 0415277361
Vydavatelství: Routledge
Rok vydání: 2005
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'A natural choice for the courses I teach to public health physicians. All those idea I would want them to have heard of are in this book. It is readable, well-arranged and logical and I would have few fears about letting students loose with it by themselves in the first instance. I especially apprecaite the illustrations of ideas drawn from countries throughout the world, which certainly reinforces the authors' belief that basic economic principles are universal.'
Health Economics

'An essential edition...excellent examples and case studies...ideal for introducing economists to the economics of health [and] a valuable asset for health economics courses.' - Applied Health Economics and

Health Policy Health Economics begins by looking at simple models of supply and demand within health care, before moving on to techniques of cost-benefit analysis, and then compares differing health care systems around the world. With an array of case studies based on systems from around the world, the book successfully bridges the divide between the insurance-based system employed in the United States and the publicly funded options more common in Europe and Canada.

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