Cleverly D. - Implementing Inquiry-Based Learning in Nursing

Implementing Inquiry-Based Learning in Nursing

Cleverly D.

ISBN: 0415274842
Vydavatelství: Routledge
Rok vydání: 2003
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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If you want to introduce Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) into your curriculum but are not sure how to go about it, this book will set you on the right track. In Implementing Inquiry-Based Learning in Nursing the author shares the experience of leading a project to implement IBL as a whole integrated pre-registration curriculum and provides a blueprint for successful implementation.The practicalities of implementing IBL can be a daunting prospect. Using a wealth of examples, relevant theories, models and research, this book takes the reader through the logistics of every stage of implementation.
Part One provides the necessary theoretical and research perspectives.
Part Two describes the detail how to manage the project stage by stage, covering planning, implementation, evaluation and change management.
Part Three looks at the operational practicalities and describes eight subprojects: staff development; communication systems; the classroom compass; practice experience; documentation; electronic' library and media resources.
Part Four reviews the post implementation situation.
Whether you are new to or already familiar with Inquiry-Based Learning or simply need some practical guidelines, this book will provide an indispensable source of reference.

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