Peck S. - Mergers and Acquisitions, 4 Vol. Set

Mergers and Acquisitions, 4 Vol. Set

Peck S.

ISBN: 0415226244
Vydavatelství: Routledge
Rok vydání: 2003
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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This set maps articles from the four main fields that influence the study of mergers and acquisitions: economics, finance, strategic management and human resource management, and encompasses a range of further perspectives. With a multidisciplinary approach, these volumes integrate the main fields of reference for mergers and acquisitions, and are structured around the following issues:

* the history of, and perspectives on, the modern business corporation and the role of mergers and acquisitions
* causes of mergers and acquisitions activity
* consequences of mergers and acquisitions activity
* public policy and the corporation.

A detailed index and new introduction are provided to guide the reader through this multidisciplinary collection.