Moss D. - Public Relations in Practice A Casebook

Public Relations in Practice A Casebook

Moss D.

ISBN: 0415043425
Vydavatelství: Routledge
Rok vydání: 1990
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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'Th ose who doubt the importance of good public relations practice as an essential component of modern management should take time to stu dy this book. It contains a range of case histories, 14 in all, typifying the need for expert handling of PR prob­lems, often critical, that can and do confront business organisations today.

The cases, each reported by an experienced PR professional and drawn from actual situations and incidents, include studies of effective industrial and politicallobbying, combating widespread misinfor­mation and false allegations about a company's services to the public, and setting up a well organised crisis management programme.

As a whole the book makes clear that PR is not purely and simply an aspect of 'marketing' - what­ever opinions to the contrary some may hold. Rather, it is an aspect of virtually every type of management aCtivity.'
                   Journal of the British Institute of Management