Hyclak - Fundamentals of Labor Economics

Fundamentals of Labor Economics


ISBN: 039592362X
Vydavatelství: Houghton Mifflin
Rok vydání: 2005
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This text covers the essential aspects of modern labor economics from an international perspective and provides undergraduate students with a comprehensive survey of economic theory and empirical evidence on purely competitive labor markets. In addition, the authors examine the impact of imperfect competition, incomplete information and uncertainty, and institutional factors--stemming from laws, unions, and human resource policies--on wages and employment opportunities. Empirical information drawn from a number of developed economics--in addition to extensive data about the United States--supports the authors' essential analysis throughout the text.

- Research papers and policy analyses from a number of countries provide students with a global perspective so often absent in other texts.
- Comprehensive coverage of personnel economics, including incentive pay systems and career compensation, outlines important implications for neo-classical labor economics.
- A complete chapter on search theory features simple, but powerful, examples that explain decision making under uncertainty as it applies to labor.
- Fundamentals of Labor Economics incorporates the results of regression analysis, an important tool in this empirical science. An appendix helps students to understand the rudiments of this statistical tool.
- Each chapter begins with a series of questions that preview the discussion to follow.
- Boxes provide news features, policy analyses, and research summaries from a number of countries to enhance student interest in the material.
- Graphs and equations are carefully explained in the text.

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