Rainford D. - Ernsting´s Aviation Medicine

Ernsting´s Aviation Medicine

Rainford D.

ISBN: 0340813199
Vydavatelství: Hodder Arnold
Rok vydání: 2006
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Ernsting’s Aviation Medicine applies current understanding in medicine, physiology and the behavioural sciences to the stresses faced by both civil and military aircrew on a daily basis.

The fourth edition of this established textbook has been revised and updated by a multi-disciplinary team of experienced contributors, and includes new chapters on aeromedical evacuation, commercial passenger fitness to fly, transport aircraft and passenger safety cosmic radiation, and naval air operations. It remains the recommended textbook for those studying for the Diploma in Aviation Medicine of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians, recognized worldwide as a standard in the field, and for similar overseas qualifications.

This is an essential text for all civil or military aviation medicine practitioners, both when preparing for professional examinations and in daily practice, and for those in the many disciplines of the behavioural and life sciences that include some study of aviation, its physiology and related issues. It is also recommended reading for those with a wider interest in the medical problems of professional or recreational flying, air transport and the aviation industry.

  • Enhanced international coverage and appeal
  • Greater attention to the principles that underlie the standards in the field rather than the standards themselves
  • Increased relevance to all forms of passenger carrying aircraft, including the transport of 'well' passengers and the sick and injured
  • Improved differentiation between the coverage of physiology, operational issues and clinical aspects
  • Operational section completely revamped