Lees Ch. - Making Sense of Obstetric Doppler Ultrasound: A Hands-On Guide

Making Sense of Obstetric Doppler Ultrasound: A Hands-On Guide

Lees Ch.

ISBN: 0340809191
Vydavatelství: Hodder Arnold
Rok vydání: 2003
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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This practical handbook will provide a 'start point' for clinicians and sonographers interested in the use of Doppler ultrasound in obstetrics. Used in conjunction with other feto-maternal measurements, Doppler is an invaluable tool in obstetric diagnosis, allowing the practitioner to screen the mother for pre-eclampsia and IUGR, and the fetus for a number of conditions including hypoxia, acidemia and anaemia. The book will begin by describing technical aspects of the technique, followed by an examination of the uterine and fetal vessels. A section of case histories will be used to illustrate typical clinical scenarios, as they have presented at the well-respected King's Unit. The book will be heavily illustrated with colour images, and will include practical 'hints' and guidelines throughout.

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