Russell R. - Short Practice of Surgery

Short Practice of Surgery

Russell R.

ISBN: 0340759496
Vydavatelství: Hodder Arnold
Rok vydání: 2000
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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The 22nd edition of ,this famous book maintained its position as a bestselling international textbook of surgery. The success of Bailey & Love's Short Practice of Surgery reflected the wide appeal of its presel1tation of the fundamentals of surgical practice in a direct, concise way by surgeons who are recognised experts in their cho sen fields. The 23rd edition maintains and develops the principles that underpinned the success of earlier editions.
 In the 23rd edition emphasis continues to be placed on the importance of dinical observations at the bedside and the need to obtain accurate physical signs to make a sound diagnosis. Although the latest techniques for investigation are described, and their important contributions recognised, the book is based on the belief that sound surgical practice primarily depends on the skills and knowledge of the surgeon and secondarily on the strength of supporti"ng departments and laboratories.
 Despite the emphasis placed on the importance of dinical skills, each chapter has been carefully revised to ensure that the essential contribution made by specialist departments to modern surgical practice is fully documented. The huge strides that have been achieved by radiological techniques for diagnosis and treatment are described, induding a new chapter on imaging, as are the advances in oncological, microbiological and biochemical methods, which ensure that the book caters for the requirements of up-to-theminute surgical practice. Two completely new chapters stress the importance of the microbiological method in surgical practice, describing sterile precautions and theatre safety, which are now essential for good surgical practice. Further chapters on the principles of laparoscopic surgery and surgical ethics stress the importance of the fact that not only is the technique of surgery changing, but that the environment in which the surgeon. practices is changing such that surgical ethics are now of major importance.
 These innovations, with the information provided in all chapters, keep the book abreast of the requirements of students, surgeons in training and practising general surgeons outside specialised departments.To improve readability, the new format adopted for the 22nd edition has been enhanced to increase the use of colour and to improve the appearance such that the book now has a new look, but is still familiar. The wider use of colour has enabled more of the line drawings to be developed and ensures that the text remains lavishly illustrated by many dinical photographs in full colour. Despite these additions, the price of the book has been kept within the limits of a studenťs budget.
 The 22nd edition was the last edited by Charles Mann, who has doné much to develop this book and maintain its pre-eminence in surgical training. To replace Charles Mann, Professor Bulstrode, with his specialist knowledge of trauma and orthopaedics, has been enlisted, to emphasise that this specialty is now such an important part of general surgery that it deserves its own editor. He has completely revised the relevant sections and introduced innovative features developed from his wide experience in surgical education. This edition marks many changes and the editors have been aided by a wide list of distinguished specialists who have supervised the revision of its contents. Together with the continuing help of maný overseas correspondents, the 23rd edition of Bailey & Love's Short Practice of Surgery caters in its very individual style for the needs of students and practising surgeons alike, and continues to provide the basis for sound surgical practice.

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