Barrett A. - Cancer in Children

Cancer in Children

Barrett A.

ISBN: 0192628976
Vydavatelství: Oxford UP
Rok vydání: 1998
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-''...The plus points of the book are its comprehensive coverage of individual tumours and an attempt, in some chapters, to put treatments in worldwide perspective.' -Judith Chessels, British Jnl of Haematology
-''...this fourth edition is a necessary modern review of paediatric malignances and their management. It has been carefully reviewed and updated by leading figures in their disease specific fields...the book can be highly recommended for its homogenous high quality chapters and well balanced approach, and will be required reading for all trainees and consultants involved in the care of apediatric oncology rperesents one of the most up to date and useful reviews in paediatric oncology.'' -Dr Frank Saran, CME Oncology 1998, Vol.1 No.2.

Cancer in Children covers the aetiology, symptoms and treatment of cancer in children. It looks at the possible complications that can arise during treatment and examines the various outcomes of the illness. A new edition of a leading text which discusses the practical problems in paediatric oncology, this book has been extensively updated by international contributors to include the latest research findings.

Readership: Paediatric oncologists. Consultants and postgraduate trainees in oncology and paediatrics.