Siegel G. J. - Basic Neurochemistry: Molecular, Cellular and Medical Aspects

Basic Neurochemistry: Molecular, Cellular and Medical Aspects

Siegel G. J.

ISBN: 012088397X
Vydavatelství: Academic Press
Rok vydání: 2006
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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"Basic Neurochemistry: Molecular, Cellular and Medical Aspects", the outstanding and comprehensive classic text on neurochemistry, is now newly updated and revised in its Seventh Edition. This well-established text has been accepted worldwide as a resource for postgraduate trainees and teachers in neurology, psychiatry, and basic neuroscience, as well as for graduate and postgraduate students and instructors in the neurosciences. It is an excellent source of current information on basic biochemical processes in brain function and disease for qualifying examinations and continuing medical education. Version 2 of the CD-Rom is now available, now including all references linking to PubMed and all tables from the book in addition to the figures. Replacement CDs are available to customers who purchased "Basic Neurochemistry 7ed" in 2005. Version 2 of the CD is clearly marked, and you don't need to order a replacement if you are in possession of version 2. It is completely updated with 60 per cent new authors and material, and entirely new chapters. There are over 400 fully revised figures in splendid color. There is an accompanying CD-ROM with all the figures and figure legends perfect for slides, presentations, and handouts.