Bailey R. - Chemistry of the Environment

Chemistry of the Environment

Bailey R.

ISBN: 0120734613
Vydavatelství: Academic Press
Rok vydání: 2002
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Five experts combine their own distinct knowledge of chemistry to create this outstanding text which offers a coherent and thorough treatment of natural environmental chemistry processes and pollution; the chemical processes of species, air, water, soil, the living environment; and hazardous waste and its control.

Students are encouraged to think about problems that relate to environmental questions rather than general chemistry problems. However the reader would benefit from a background in general chemistry and organic chemistry as the text goes into detail on reactions and mechanisms involved in the transformations of organic compounds in the environment. For those that do not require this level of chemical detail, these chapters may be omitted without losing continuity.

* This is the only environmental chemistry text to adequately discuss nuclear chemistry and disposal in a balanced and scientifically rational way.
* The overall format allows for particular topics to be omitted at the discretion of the instructor without loss of continuity.
* Contains a discussion of climate history to put current climate concerns in perspective, an approach that makes current controversy about climate change more understandable.

This new edition emphasises several major concepts essential to the practice of environmental chemistry today:
* atmosphere as a distinct sphere of the environment
* industrial ecology as it applies to chemical science
* extensive coverage of nuclear chemistry, covering both natural environmental sources and anthropogenic sources