Anderson P. - Handbook of Clinical Drug Data 10 ed. Th

Handbook of Clinical Drug Data 10 ed. Th

Anderson P.

ISBN: 0071363629
Vydavatelství: McGraw-Hill
Rok vydání: 2002
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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This classic, authoritative guide, to the clinkal use of drugs is the superior sóurce of evaluative and comparative information on over 1,200 drugs in common use. Written by 36 top clinicians and edited by three leading drug information specialists, it is the highest quality and most clinically useful drug hand book available. Part 1, Drug Monographs, covers 10 major drug categories, subdivided into therapeutic groups for easy comparison. Unique tables provide data for choosing the optimal drug for specific patients. Part 2, Clinkal Drug Data, has everything healthcare professionals need to determine the likelihood of adverse drug reactions and interactions in their patients.Selection of drug therapy for special patient populations is made easy by several comprehensive chapters.


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