Schwartz S.I. - Principles of Surgery. PreTest

Principles of Surgery. PreTest

Schwartz S.I.

ISBN: 0070579644
Vydavatelství: McGraw-Hill
Rok vydání: 1999
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Whether you're preparing for in-service or certifying exams, or simply interested in maintaining a high !eve l of competence in clinical practice, here's the ideal instrument for self-assessment and review. Over 700 multiple-choice questions in exam format have detailed explanations referenced to the new seventh edition of PRINCIPLES OF SURGERY. In every way - degree of difficulty, subject matter, time constraints - the questions simulate the exams medical practitioners must take.

PRINCIPLES OF SURGERY, Seventh Edition Seymour L Schwartz, G. Tom Shires, Frank C. Spencer, John M. Daly, Josef E. Fischer, Aubrey C. Galloway

Now in its 30th year of publication, the classic PRINCIPLES OF SURGERY remains the gold standard for surgical education. Use it to examine peri-operative patient management strategies; review current surgical approaches for ameliorating or correcting congenital and acquired diseases and disorders and traumatic injuries affe"cting every organ system; and gain expert advice on the basic as well as the more specialized procedure s today's surgeons are called upon to perform. WHAT'S NEW: - the next generation of leaders in surgery add their contributions - new chapters on Trauma, Oncology, Transplantation, Surgical Complications, Thoracic Surgery, Venous and Lymphatic Disease, Minimally Invasive Surgery, plus many more - extensively revised chapters on Physiologic Monitoring and Wound Care of the Surgical Patient - extensively revised chapters on Breast Surgery, and Congenital and Acquired Heart Disease - revised and updated chapters on Gastrointestinal Disease - a report on major advances in the Immunologic Modulation of Surgical Problems.


Pocket-sized and built for speed, summarizes the important clinical points of its parent text to provide concise answers on diagnosis and surgical management, including the latest advances in surgical technique and technology. Perfect for use on the ward or in the office, rely on the "Schwartz Handbook" for authoritative but succinct answers to your questions in surgery. Chapters referenced to the all-new edition of PRINCIPLES OF SURGERY for expanded review.