Vibrant Publishers - 6 Practice Tests for the GRE

6 Practice Tests for the GRE

Vibrant Publishers

ISBN: 9781946383341
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Rok vydání: 2017
Vazba: Paperback
Počet stran: 342
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Features: Six full-length practice tests; 480+ realistic practice questions as per the GRE; Quantitative questions covering all 4 areas of Maths; Verbal questions covering wide-ranging subjects in line with the GRE; Answers with elaborate explanations; Sample essay prompts for all Issue and Argument tasks. The book provides the intensive test-taking practice that will help you take your score from good to great. Taking these 6 full-length practice tests will help you know the types of questions asked in the real GRE, the structure of the test, the different patterns of questions, realistic difficulty level of questions in the exam, an estimate of the number of questions of each question type, your strengths and weaknesses and the time you take in each test section. The Verbal Test questions in this book give you exposure to wide range of subjects like Business, Technology, Social Science, Arts, Physical Science, Biological Science and more. The Quantitative test questions cover all areas of Math namely Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Data Interpretation, just like the real GRE. Exposure to such wide variety of questions will reduce stress and boost your confidence. This book also provides detailed answers and explanations for every question. Sample essay prompts are given for all Issue and Argument tasks asked in the tests. The detailed answers will enable you to understand why a correct answer is correct and why the other choices are incorrect. The elaborate explanations cover the complete approach taken to reach to the correct answer. So, learn the powerful tactics and expert strategies provided in the book and crack the GRE.

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