Vaclav Tesar - Pressure-Driven Microfluidics

Pressure-Driven Microfluidics

Vaclav Tesar

ISBN: 9781596931343
Vydavatelství: Artech House
Rok vydání: 2007
Vazba: Hardcover
Počet stran: 424
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Microfluidics in an emerging technological area involving the handling of small fluid flows in channels and devices so small that a whole system, capable of performing complex tasks, can be held in the palm of a hand. Because this technology is starting to be applied in a variety of fields, it has gained significant attention. Engineers interested in working in the area of microfluidics need to have a solid understanding of how fluid flow in microchannels and devices is driven by pressure differences. This cutting-edge resource provides practitioners with that essential knowledge. Offering comprehensive and up-to-date details on all aspects of the subject, Pressure Driven Microfluidics presents the basic laws of fluid flow, and goes on to describe sophisticated devices like fluidic amplifiers and oscillators. Additionally, this practical reference provides a survey of the wide range of microfluidics application areas, from microchemistry and biomedicine, to waste water treatment and anti-terrorist warfare.

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