Adrian J. Wallbank - Academic Writing and Dyslexia: A Visual Guide to Writing at University

Academic Writing and Dyslexia: A Visual Guide to Writing at University

Adrian J. Wallbank

ISBN: 9781138291492
Vydavatelství: Taylor & Francis
Rok vydání: 2017
Vazba: Paperback
Počet stran: 160
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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This book presents a unique visual approach to academic writing and composition tailored to the needs of dyslexic students in higher education. It will help them to successfully structure and articulate their ideas, get to grips with critical reading, thinking and writing and fulfil their full academic potential. The ‘writing process’ (e.g. understanding the assignment task, genre and style, researching, writing, sentence construction and proofreading/editing) is de-mystified and translated into innovative, meaningful visual representations in the form of templates, images, icons and prompts, designed to meet the visual and ‘big picture’ learning styles of dyslexic students. A companion website offers supplementary exercises, examples, videos and a full range of downloadable templates and bookmarks. Academic Writing and Dyslexia is underpinned by extensive research and will help students to present their thoughts with confidence, critically evaluate competing arguments and gain top marks. It will help them bridge the gap between their existing coping strategies and the increased demands and rigours of academic writing at university, and as such is an invaluable resource for dyslexic students within the higher education sector, academics, dyslexia specialists and academic writing tutors.

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