- Atomic Transport and Defect Phenomena in Solids: Faraday Discussions No 134

Atomic Transport and Defect Phenomena in Solids: Faraday Discussions No 134

ISBN: 9780854049530
Vydavatelství: Royal Society for Chemistry
Rok vydání: 2007
Vazba: Hardback
Kategorie: Professional and scholarly
Počet stran: 428
Dostupnost: Skladem

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Atomic transport in solids is one of the central themes in contemporary solid state science. Recent major advances have often been driven by technological needs for improved materials. In this book a wide variety of topics are covered and perspectives from different inter-related areas are provided. Topics covered include transport mechanisms, defect processes, structure-property relationships, and nanoscale and interface effects. Discussions of materials, applications and techniques cover topics from sensors, membranes and nanostructured materials through to spectroscopy and computer modelling. This book offers valuable insight into research and opinion for all working in related fields. Faraday Discussions document a long-established series of Faraday Discussion meetings which provide a unique international forum for the exchange of views and newly acquired results in developing areas of physical chemistry, biophysical chemistry and chemical physics. The papers presented are published in the Faraday Discussion volume together with a record of the discussion contributions made at the meeting. Faraday Discussions therefore provide an important record of current international knowledge and views in the field concerned.