Maria Belli,A Fajgelj,Umberto Sansone - Combining and Reporting Analytical Results

Combining and Reporting Analytical Results

Maria Belli,A Fajgelj,Umberto Sansone

ISBN: 9780854048489
Vydavatelství: Royal Society for Chemistry
Rok vydání: 2006
Vazba: Hardback
Kategorie: Professional and scholarly
Počet stran: 394
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Reliable and metrologically comparable results of quantitative analytical methods are essential to assure that decisions taken on their basis have meaning and context. Problems with combining measurement results, calculating their uncertainties and establishing metrological traceability can prove complicated and ambiguous for measurement scientists. Combining and Reporting Analytical Results discusses in detail the problems faced by scientists, and presents a variety of approaches across biological, chemical and environmental sciences to resolving these types of issues. Topics include: validated methods of analysis; application of internal quality control procedures; participation in proficiency testing schemes; metrological traceability of measurement results and associated uncertainties, as well as some quality system issues and formal accreditation. Written by leading experts, and with worked examples and illustrations throughout, this invaluable reference source is ideal for analysts from various scientific fields.