Charles A. Heatwole - Geography For Dummies

Geography For Dummies

Charles A. Heatwole

ISBN: 9780764516221
Vydavatelství: Wiley
Rok vydání: 2002
Vazba: Paperback
Počet stran: 386
Dostupnost: Skladem

Původní cena: 616 Kč
Výstavní cena: 462 Kč(t.j. po slevě 25%)
(Cena je uvedena včetně 10% DPH)
Katalogová cena: 13.99 GBP

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Features key insights, easy–to–read maps, and cool facts Expand your understanding of geography and today s world Mystified by Mercator projections? Mixed up by map symbols? Relax! This fun and easy guide will change your attitude toward longitude and latitude. Professor Charles Heatwole explains geography basics and helps you understand the surrounding world, from physical features and political divisions to climate, population, culture, and economics. The Dummies Way Explanations in plain English "Get in, get out" information Icons and other navigational aids Tear–out cheat sheet Top ten lists A dash of humor and fun Get smart! Find listings of all our books Create your own personalized book with Hungry Minds a la Carte Sign up for daily eTips at

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