Adam M. Wait, Translated by  Adam M. Wait - Flying Fox

Flying Fox

Otto Fuchs: A German Aviator's Story - 1917-1918
Adam M. Wait, Translated by Adam M. Wait

ISBN: 9780764342523
Vydavatelství: Schiffer Publishing
Rok vydání: 2012
Vazba: Hardback
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Flying Fox is a unique work in aviation literature combining the translation of a German pilots classic autobiographical novel of flying in the First World War with a historical investigation that both illuminates and expands upon the original narrative. In 1933 the Koehler Verlag in Leipzig published Wir Flieger (We Flyers), by Otto Fuchs, who flew and fought in artillery observation and fighter squadrons in the Imperial German air service. The author presented the work as the recollections of an unknown pilot, changing names, unit designations, and airfield locations in order to protect the identities of the persons involved and to thwart inquiry. Adam Wait has not only provided a thoroughly annotated translation of Wir Flieger which retains the vividness of the authors original prose, but has also conducted meticulous research to uncover the true facts behind the story. His findings are related in a chapter-by-chapter commentary, supplemented by an epilogue continuing the story from the point in time at which the novel concludes to the end of the war. A further addition is a previously unpublished chapter of Wir Flieger excised by Koehler, as it did not conform to the heroic ideal of the time. Flying Fox is profusely illustrated with period and present-day photographs and maps that further bring this fascinating tale to life.

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