Spencer Anthony Coil, Renato Zavattini - The Royal Italian Air Force 1923-1945

The Royal Italian Air Force 1923-1945

Spencer Anthony Coil, Renato Zavattini

ISBN: 9780764333736
Vydavatelství: Schiffer Publishing
Rok vydání: 2010
Vazba: Hardback
Dostupnost: Na objednávku

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The authors have assembled over 600 images from private photo albums and individual groupings offering a unique perspective on the Royal Italian Air Force (Regia Aeronautica) from 1923-1945. There are period photos of the everyday life, and adventures of pilots and personnel on a variety of war fronts and campaigns. In addition, there are images of Regia Aeronautica, Aviazione Legionaria and Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana aircraft in detail as well as candid photos of aces such as, Italo Balbo and high profile figures such as German Knights Cross recipient Italian General Giovanni Messe. Furthermore, the color gallery contains heretofore unpublished images of period headdress, uniforms, and accoutrements from private collections.

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