Pascoe R.R. - Manual of Equine Dermatology

Manual of Equine Dermatology

Pascoe R.R.

ISBN: 9780702019685
Vydavatelství: Elsevier
Rok vydání: 1998
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A concise handbook of equine dermatology, fully illustrated in color and diagnostically oriented. Each chapter covers clinical signs, differential diagnosis and treatment, and emphasis is placed on how to distinguish similar conditions. The author are world-renowned authorities on equine dermatology.

Equine Practitioners, Veterinary Students.

Preface. Acknowledgements. Part I: Principles and Techniques. Introduction to Clinical Equine Dermatology. Inflammation. Clinical Descriptions of Specific Types of Lesions. The Approach to the Dermatological Case. Diagnostic /Investigative Tests. Principles of Dermatological Therapeutics. Part Ii: Syndromes in Equine Dermatology. Pruritus and the Itchy Horse. Nodular Diseases . Alopecia. Hair Follicle Disorders . Diseases of the Pastern and Coronet . Diseases of Pigmentation. Part Iii: Disease Profiles. Section a Infectious Diseases. Viral Diseases. Bacterial Diseases. Fungal Diseases. Protozoal Diseases. Metazoan/Parasitic Diseases . Section B Non-Infectious Disorders. Congenital / Developmental Diseases of the Skin. Immune-Mediated/ Allergic Diseases. Chemicaland Toxic Dermatoses. Endocrine Disorders. Nutritional Disorders . Iatrogenic and Idiopathic Skin Disorders. Physical and Traumatic Disorders. Injuries and Disorders of the Hoof. Neoplastic Diseases of the Skin. References. Index.